How prefabrication works

Prefabricated, or cut-to-size, countertops are surfaces that are mass-produced off-site and delivered precut and completely finished to the job. It's most often used for commercial projects like hotels, apartment complexes, senior living, or any project that has countertops with the same dimensions repeated many times in the building plan. Because the surface is duplicated so often, it's easier and more cost-effective to manufacture all at once, rather than build them as needed on-site.

The benefits of cut to size


We manufacture each top at once in a facility designed to handle mass production, which lowers the cost per piece. Plus, travel costs are reduced since all tops are transported to the job at once.


Off site, out of mind. The combination of distribution, fabrication, and delivery cut onsite construction time in half. Our process avoids the unexpected delays that can push back a construction timeline.   


Quality is never compromised. In fact, prefabricated surfaces are cut from the same exact stone as custom countertops. You get the same high quality as a slab, without the hassle of hiring a fabricator.


Prefabricated countertops are extremely easy to install. They're based on the exact specifications from the building plans and arrive to the job completely finished. No cutting or reshaping necessary.

Our process


We work off your blueprints and approved casework submittals to determine dimensions, identify faucet holes, and document sink placement. 


Our in-house project management team works closely with you on color samples, project scheduling, and shop drawing approval. 


Once shop drawings are approved, we work with our global trade partners to start fabrication. 


We communicate with your casework installer on project timeline during fabrication. So by the time your cabinets are installed, your surfaces will be on the job, cut, polished, and ready to go.  


 Your product is ready when you are. We ship your surfaces directly to your job and store on-site, ready for install. Each piece of stone and countertop is individually wrapped and labeled accordingly.


If you're looking for labor to install, we work closely with local fabrication and installation companies.

Global Sourcing

With our global trade partners, we are able to get quartz and granite for a lower price than the average standard surface provider. With 1.5 million square feet of off-shore fabrication capacity, our global connections are dedicated to US quality standards and fabricate to your exact specifications, giving you a high quality product at the lowest price.


We ship your surfaces directly to your job and store on-site, ready for install when you are. Each piece of stone and countertop is crated, individually wrapped, and labeled by floor and unit number. 

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