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How do I maintain my countertops?

Quartz and granite are both high quality, durable surfaces but still require care adn maintenance for the longevity of the product. Because they are different, there are a few differences in care of quartz and granite. Below are some tips on how best to care for your countertops. 


Non-porous and doesn't require sealing
For cleaning, a soft cloth, gentle or mild soap, and water are sufficient. DO NOT use abraisive cleaners, pads or powders tha can damage the surface finish. 

Quartz is extremely heat resistant, however damage is possible so do not place hot objects directly onto the surface
Quartz is very resistant to cracks, impact, stains and scratches. It is not scratch proof so be cautious with sharp objects on the surface to maintain it's finish. 


Porous and requires sealing every 1-5 years
For cleaning, blot any spills immediately and clean with a sponge or cloth and natural stone and or granite cleaner
Granite is extremely heat resistant but in rare circumstances can suffer thermal shock and crack so using hot pads or trivets are recommended
Though granite is a strong and durable stone, excessive force or weight can crack your countertop so don't sit or stand on them. Additionally, always use a cutting board and do not use sharp objects directly on the surface. 

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