Conex Storage



Prefabricated and ready to install, our surfaces are shipped to your job site in our 8' x 20' conex storage containers. Safe and secure until your team is ready for install. 
Conex Container


Your job stays clean and uncluttered while your surfaces are safe and secure throughout the duration of the project.


All material is inventoried and inspected before and after by our quality control experts to make sure all product is undamaged and accounted for.


All containers are sealed, weather-resistant, and water tight to prevent moisture damage during shipping and storage. 


Our products are shipped from our fabrication facilities overseas right to your job. Securely packaged and crated, our PM team works with you on delivery so your surfaces arrive safely via crane. Containers will stay onsite until all surfaces are installed.
Slabs are securely crated within the container. All work is done under tight supervision by our PM team to make sure you're receiving a quality product. 
We take care of the delivery making sure the storage container is stored where and when you want it. 
Slabs are prefabricated and then ready for install. 

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