Cut to Size Program

How it works 


We work off your blueprints and approved casework submittals to determine dimensions, identify faucet holes, and document sink placement.
No more dust or cutting on your job
We are here to help you - keeping the project on schedule and moving along


Our in-house project management team then works closely with you on color samples, project scheduling, and shop drawing approval.


Once shop drawings are approved, we work with our global trade partners to start fabrication.
Cuts 3 to 5 weeks from your schedule
No need to hire a fabricator


During fabrication, we are communicating with your casework installer on project timeline. So by the time your cabinets are installed, your surfaces will be on the job, prefabricated, and ready to go.


We ship the product directly to site using our conex storage program. Store directly on the job-site, your product is ready when you are. 
Unload the container on your schedule 
We are here to help even after the product is delivered


If you are looking for labor to install, we work closely with local fabrication and installation companies.  

Prefabricated & Ready to Install

Conex Storage

Our 8'x 20' containers are sealed and water tight to prevent moisture during shipping & storage. Products are locked and secure ready to be installed on your timeline. We carry a stock of sheets for each project and will fix asap with no delay to your schedule. 

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